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A new report by Discovery Vitality, Road to a Healthier South Africa, looks at the driving behaviour of over half a million Vitality members in cities across the country.

According to the report, the lives of more than 1.25 million people worldwide are cut short as a result of road accidents. "South African roads are among the most dangerous in the world, with a road death toll of 22.5 per 100,000 people. These deaths have a significant impact on the South African economy, with an estimated cost of over 3.4% of the GDP", the report states.

"In this report, we have combined data analytics, clinical knowledge and behavioural insights to provide unique views of South Africans’ physical activity and driving habits. We hope that these insights will help to mobilise individuals, groups and policymakers to create a healthier, safer and more active country." - Dr Craig Nossel, Head of Vitality Wellness.

How SA cities rank in driving

Cape Town was named the best driving city in the country, followed by Port Elizabeth in second and Bloemfontein in third. Durban came in as the worst driving city scoring as much as 11% lower than Cape Town.

Demographic indicators:

The ABCs of driving score looks at "poor driving behaviour associated with harsh acceleration, harsh braking and harsh cornering":

The speeding score looked at drivers' average speeds in each city:

Night driving is another factor associated with an increased risk for road accidents:

The phone usage ranking looked at the amount of time drivers spent on their mobile phones while driving. Cape Town scored the best in this category, with Bloemfontein placing last.

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