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This morning on Kfm Mornings Darren, Sherlin and Sibs spoke to Granny Iris, who celebrates her 100th birthday this week!

Think about the events that have happened over the past 100 years... The end of World War I, and the full force of World War II. The rise and fall of apartheid, the advent of democracy. Elvis and The Beatles.

Iris, who was born in Manchester but moved to South Africa in 1948, now lives in Glencairn, and has two great-great-children!

I feel like a spring chicken!

Granny Iris

Granny Iris gave Darren this piece of advice on getting to 100 years old: "Take things as they happen, and do the best you can. And make a plan!"

Take a listen to Granny Iris's routine, her favourite football team, working in a factory during the war, and squeezing in a daily glass of wine.

Listen to the interview below:

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