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Concerned listeners called into the breakfast show last week, with the worrying question of why unauthorised debit orders were coming off from their accounts.

Listeners say that they struggle to halt unauthorised debit orders from their accounts and even after banks try to stop these debit orders, they continue.

Speaking to Africa Melane, CEO of Payments Association of South Africa Walter Volker says the debit order system is a very effective and widely used process and there are about 55 million debit orders every month.

But it is also a very old system. It has been around for many decades and unfortunately, the mandate system is still paper-based or voice mandate based.

Walter Volker, CEO of Payments Association of South Africa

It is impossible for the banks to check every debit order before they process it. We are busy addressing this issue but that is the fundamental reason why sometimes some users abuse the system.

Walter Volker, CEO of Payments Association of South Africa

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He adds that the most problematic areas are the call centres statistically. Some of these companies are vetted and have removed from their system, he adds.

He says what also happens is that these fraudsters, get a hold of a list of debit orders from companies from unscrupulous employees.

They just use those lists to deduct money from your account. That is why it is very important for consumers to be vigilant and monitor their bank accounts and dispute any debit order that they have not authorised.

Walter Volker, CEO of Payments Association of South Africa

Listen below to the full interview

This article first appeared on 702 : Tips on how to stop unauthorised debit orders

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