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We asked Kfm 94.5’s own Ryan O’Connor for his top five tips for your first 21km!

Make sure you train

Irrespective of your mileage, make sure that you have put in some decent training prior to your race.

Stretch and warm up before the event

It sounds like a no-brainer, but with nerves running high on race day, make sure you stretch and warm-up properly before you get going.

Remain hydrated

Hydrate before and during the event, Ryan says. Dehydration is no joke!

Wear sunblock

“It might It might be a hot sunny day so remember to take some block-out,” says Ryan. And remember to apply it!

Lubrication is key

“Make sure that every single that can fold and crease in terms of your skin is lubricated with Vaseline. After doing a 21.1 there is nothing worse than chaffed bits of your body!”

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