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CAPE TOWN/JOHANNESBURG – Long queues are expected to form at the fuel pumps on Tuesday ahead of a record high fuel price increase.

From midnight, motorists will pay almost R17 a litre for both grades of petrol and diesel will cost around R15.65 cents a litre.

The South African Petroleum Industry Association's Avafani Tshifularo says that it will be challenging to ensure there’s enough petrol at stations.

“It’s normally a challenge because the service stations have got scheduled drop-offs at any time, so if suddenly the motorists in the area rush to the service stations, they might experience shortage of grades which are made available at certain times.”

These motorists explain how they will try to cushion the blow of the latest fuel price hikes.

“I’ll be walking to places while it’s safe to walk and try to carpool with friends and flatmates.”

Another one said: “I’ll be catching a lift with my dad and I’ll help him with some petrol money.”

But the Automobile Association's Layton Beard is concerned about the impact the fuel hike will have on small businesses.

“Consumers’ disposable income is going to shrink and in this current economic environment, we don’t believe our economy is going to grow meaningfully under these conditions.”

Meanwhile, the Golden Arrow Bus Service has warned it may review fares if fuel prices continue to rise. The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry says the hikes affect consumers and business and economists have warned food prices will also be negatively affected.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)

This article first appeared on EWN : Long queues expected at filling stations ahead of fuel price increase

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