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CAPE TOWN - The Table Mountain Security Action Group has urged hikers to always be aware and informed about the areas they explore.

Three hikers were attacked and robbed in the Newlands Ravine on Thursday.

One of the victims was stabbed. In March, the group recorded more than 40 attacks on Table Mountain since the start of the year.

The Table Mountain Security Action Group's Andre Van Schalkwyk says there are several measures that hikers and cyclists could take to help ensure their safety.

“They don’t go into an area where there is already activity. It just increases your risk. Don’t hike on your own and that’s why we say to walk, cycle and climb with groups of four or five. It doesn’t mean you’ll be able to deter the mugger but at least if something happens there’s someone to help.”

He says that using pepper spray or a taser on an attacker is not always the safest option.

“All of this happens at a very close proximity. When a guy stands with a knife, then I’m sorry, it’s time to hand over your stuff and let the guy walk away.”

Van Schalkwyk says there have been at least five muggings in the Newlands Ravine area over the past month.

Four suspects have been arrested in connection with last week's attack, while police are still hunting a fifth suspect.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)

This article first appeared on EWN : Hikers urged to be cautious after attack on Table Mountain trail

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