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Construction of the permanent desalination plant at Strandfontein has been put on hold.

Although the city's three temporary desalination plants in Monwabisi and the V&A Waterfront have already come online, this one has been put on hold.

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CEO at Accelerate Cape Town Ryan Ravens says the reality is that desalination is an extremely expensive option.

To take a step back, we need to augment our water supply, so we do need to introduce different kinds of water supply and not only be dependent on rainwater.

Ryan Ravens, CEO at Acclerate Cape Town

But desalination is probably one of the most expensive options on the table, now it made sense when we were in crisis mode to sort of say, we can't be too concerned about the expense because the cost of running out of water is something we can't even calculate. So we need to push ahead with whatever available means there are to get new water supply online.

Ryan Ravens, CEO at Acclerate Cape Town

He adds that he thinks we got very lucky this year as we have had more rain than anyone expected and what that has done is it has bought us time.

It has bought us a year or two where we can sort of step out of crisis mode and start looking at medium to long-term planning and start looking at the mix of water supply and make some very good decisions and calculated decisions around which is the best option to go with.

Ryan Ravens, CEO at Acclerate Cape Town

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This article first appeared on 702 : City of Cape Town halts water desalination process

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