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This Wednesday 10 October marks World Mental Health Day.

Local initiative 'Crazy for Walking' is encouraging South Africans to take some steps in helping remove the stigma attached to mental illness

This is an initiative that is destigmatizing mental illness.

Francois Louw, CEO Crazy for Walking

This year we're going nuts. We're walking to Mars! We need to walk as far as possible and mobilize the world to walk with us.

Francois Louw, CEO Crazy for Walking

Of course, you cannot physically walk to Mars, but our STEPS can take us there. It's only 54 million kilometres!

Francois Louw, CEO Crazy for Walking

The Crazy for Walking app was launched at the start of the month and has a counter to calculate all the steps taken by people using the app which will go towards the goal.

The initiative is also encouraging people to wear their 'craziest, most colourful socks' on Wednesday in solidarity with the cause of removing the stigma of mental illness.

Find out more about the initiative at: www.crazyforwalking.co.za

Listen to the full interview below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Crazy for Walking initiative to combat mental health stigma

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