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Many South African households are struggling with the impact of rising fuel prices.

Consumers were hit with a blow last week with a record high petrol price increase of between 99 cents and R1.

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Motoring expert Ciro De Siena says locals have no choice but to adjust their lifestyle in order to lessen the blow.

De Siena says there are other ways to save, aside from changing your driving habits alone.

Here are some alternative options:

  • households with two or three cars should consider selling one vehicle

  • consider using ride-hailing services more often

  • hire a larger vehicle only when you need it

  • downsize your vehicle and save on monthly instalments by buying a small car
  • invest in a scooter or motorbike

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If you look at the fuel prices over the last 10, 20, or 30 years, the graph only goes one in one direction. That's up.

Ciro De Siena, Motor Journalist at Cars.co.za

The fuel price will always go up. Oil is a finite resource.

Ciro De Siena, Motor Journalist at Cars.co.za

De Siena does the maths and shares his tips on how to mitigate the impact of the petrol price hikes.

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