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My hair grew back because I put some cannabis oil on it [said in jest]!

Pat Pillai, LifeCo

His [grandfather] dream… was to be a waiter at the grandest hotel in the world. And he achieved that dream. He became the Head Waiter at the Mount Nelson Hotel which in his world was the grandest hotel… He had a simple philosophy. You save your salary and live off the tips…

Pat Pillai, LifeCo

I was an accidental entrepreneur… I grew vegetables and sold them door to door at the age of eight with my sister…

Pat Pillai, LifeCo

What in the world happened to e.tv’s former eNews anchor Pat Pillai?

He has been rather busy!

Pillai has reinvented himself as a social entrepreneur.

He’s the CEO of LifeCo UnLtd SA, a company that invests in “impact businesses” and grows “impact entrepreneurs”.

LifeCo has interests in lifestyle and wellness, digital media, renewable energy, venture capital and “green architecture” across Africa.

Pillai is a busy man:

  • He is the Chairperson of the largest architectural firm in Africa, Boogertman & Partners Architects.

  • He serves on the Advisory Board of the African Venture Philanthropy Alliance.

  • He chairs Ashoka Southern Africa.

  • He’s a board member of the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network.

  • He serves on South Africa’s National Advisory Board for Impact Investing.

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Pillai for his weekly (on a Wednesday) “ShapeShifter” feature.

Listen to the interview in the audio below (and/or scroll down for more quotes from it).

I grew up on the Cape Flats… my parents and grandparents were thrown out of District Six... I come from a family of waiters…

Pat Pillai, LifeCo

[His grandfather used to say] Always live in service of others… For a while I was embarrassed... I learned in time he was a very wise man…

Pat Pillai, LifeCo

Passion is not enough. You need a damn good strategy, the right people and capital.

Pat Pillai, LifeCo

If Capitalism is 'risk and return'… the new age is 'risk, return and impact'…

Pat Pillai, LifeCo

Getting LifeCo to the point where it’s the structure that brings the risk, return and impact equation together [when asked about his biggest achievement].

Pat Pillai, LifeCo

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This article first appeared on 702 : What in the world happened to eNews anchor Pat Pillai? He’s been rather busy...

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