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Have you ever been to a wedding with rules and regulations?

Today on Kfm Mornings Darren, Sherlin and Sibs were talking about some of the weirdest rules and requests you have heard from Brides ahead of their big day.

This bride had some interesting requests

1. Please arrive 15 - 30 mins early

2. Please do not wear white cream or Ivory

3. Please only wear a basic bob or pony tail

4. Please do not have a full face of makeup

5. Do not record during the ceremony

6. Do not check in on Facebook until instructed

7. Use #brideandgroom when posting all pictures and that’s only after being instructed

8. Do not speak to the Bride at all until advised

9. Everyone will toast Remi (the Bride) no exceptions

10. You must come with a gift of R1000.00 or more or you won’t be admitted in

His brother’s wedding they didn’t allow people to post pictures on Facebook

Nicklaus, Kfm Morning's Listener

It was an out of town wedding, so there was a specified place where they had arranged accommodation but we had to pay for that as well, but on top of that if you are coming to the wedding you had to pay an additional R500 per person to attend, so we respectfully declined. I get that weddings are expensive but if you can’t afford a whole big hoopla then stick to a budget then you can actually have guests attend.

Janneke, Kfm Morning's Listener

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