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The Kay Mason Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Cape Town that provides academic and social support to deserving, disadvantaged children with great potential.

The programs at the Kay Mason Foundation is unique because their focus goes beyond basic academic performance.

The foundation also emphasize psycho-socio components that are important in building responsible citizens
and effective leaders.

CEO of the Kay Mason Foundation, Noleen De Goede says that the foundation was created by Richard Mason in 1999.

Mason had a brilliant education so he wanted to start an organisation that could give children the same opportunity.

A good education can narrow the education gap.

Noleen De Goede, CEO of the Kay Mason Foundation

Our applications are normally open open on the 31st March and closes on the 31st July every year. The application form is on our website every year.

Noleen De Goede, CEO of the Kay Mason Foundation

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Lead SA: CPT's Kay Mason Foundation is changing the lives of disadvantaged kids

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