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New research shows that life gets easier after 40. During our 20's and 30's we tend to live life within the hustle and bustle of finding security and living up to the expectations that society expects from us.

The turning point in our lives was identified following a detailed study of 2,000 adults aged 55 plus carried out by Viking Cruises.

Other key elements as to why we begin to enjoy life even more at this stage include having a settled home life, being in stable, happy relationships and being ‘comfortable in their own skin’.


1) Going on nice holidays

2) Earning a good wage

3) Having a 'good' car

4) Knowing what's worth worrying about

5) Being established in your career

6) Feeling comfortable in your own skin

7) Not worrying about the latest trends

8) Having a good sex life

9) Owning your 'forever home'

10) Not feeling obliged to do things

Today Kfm Mornings tried to throw their worries away, taking a look at how different ages curate different worries.

Take a listen, you might be surprised that you are not alone and that it does stop at some point.

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