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Why do we want who we want?

Clinical psychologist Hayden Knibbs says attraction is influenced by different factors such as hormone levels, socialisation, and patterns of behaviour.

He explains that attraction changes with each individual's psychological experiences.

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To understand attraction, he says one must consider multiple levels that influence human behaviour - including biology.

Knibbs explores the psychology of attraction and shared some universal observations regarding heterosexual men and women.

Genetically speaking, he says an attraction towards individuals with differences may be designed to increase optimal genetic mixing.

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He adds that when viewing attraction in the broadest sense, females tend to very often be attracted to male strength.

Genetically speaking, the pattern with heterosexual females is an attraction to males that display some sort of strength or power... This is typically interactionally, the controlling and assertive elements.

Hayden Knibbs, clinical psychologist

We do see that opposites tend to attract a bit. One hypothesis is that the gene pool to increase.

Hayden Knibbs, clinical psychologist

On the male side, there seems to be a draw towards a [partner with a] carer role.

Hayden Knibbs, clinical psychologist

There also seems to a draw towards something that needs to be fixed in a pattern. This gives males a confirming role.

Hayden Knibbs, clinical psychologist

Knibbs shared his expert advice and helped listeners with their own personal stories.

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