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If you're thinking about trimming down ahead of the summer holidays or looking to 'spring clean' after one too many Halloween choccies, chances are that you've probably come across the cold-pressed juice movement. With so many juice bars springing up in cities across the country, people are starting to see that a juice cleanse is way more than just an Instagram trend.

So, is a juice cleanse the key to good health and glowing skin or just pulp fiction?

Juice Revolution answered some of the most common questions about a juice cleanse, so that you too, can start your healthy lifestyle and experience the magnificent benefits of juicing up your diet.

1. What exactly is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a period of time - between 3 and 7 days - during which you consume only highly nutritious juices packed with fruit and veg. Because juicing removes all the good stuff from the fibre (which becomes waste), you skip the digestive process to get the highest amount of nutrients in the fastest possible way. Plus, because things like coffee and alcohol are strictly off-limits, you're removing other toxins from your diet. It's a great way to kick start a healthy lifestyle!

2. Let's get straight to it... does it help with weight loss?

Yes, juicing is an excellent approach to weight loss, as long as you have realistic goals and don't expect to shed half your body weight within a few weeks. During a juice cleanse, your diet is restricted to fresh, raw produce – fruit and vegetables – which leaves your body in a calorie-deficit, resulting in a healthy weight loss.

3. Is it really weight loss or just water loss?

In our busy lives, we are exposed to various factors that negatively affect our bodies – whether it's unhealthy eating and drinking, smoking or environmental toxins... All of it contributes to inflammation in the body. Juicing reduces these toxins and increases its elimination processes, which leads to the loss of fluids, often referred to as water loss. As with most diets, the body first loses water before it loses fat.

4. There's a common belief in the medical profession that juicing provides false feelings of well-being that comes as a result of starving yourself – is this true?

Nothing could be further from the truth. On a juice cleanse you're actually flooding your body with juices that are made from whole, raw fruit and vegetables which are an excellent source of a wide range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients. The energy boost and feelings of well-being are a result of eliminating toxicity from your body, and replacing the nutritional deficiencies with high nutrient cold-pressed juice.

5. I'm a juice cleanse first-timer – what advice can you give me?

It is important for first-timers to accept that it's a complete lifestyle change and, not a fad diet. The best advice that anyone can give you is not to go straight from eating junk food to drinking green juices! Before starting your juice cleanse, remove sugar, alcohol, caffeine, refined starches and meat from your diet and increase your consumption of wholefoods, fruits, vegetables, herbal teas and water at least two days before you start.

6. During my juice cleanse, am I allowed to eat other meals in addition to juice?

The key thing to remember is that juice is food. The idea of a juice cleanse is to give your digestive system time to rest by only consuming juice, if not, the benefits of a cleanse will be lost if solid foods are consumed in addition to the juices. On a juice cleanse, you can drink between five and six juices a day, including herbal teas and hot lemon water. However, there are allowances for an avocado and banana per day, if the feeling of hunger persists.

7. Is it safe?

Juice cleanses are safe for almost everyone, with a few key exceptions - pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with specific chronic illnesses, or on certain medications. If in doubt, check with your GP first.

Thinking about supercharging your lifestyle with a fresh dose of raw juice? Head over to Juice Revolution to see how to get started now!

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