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There's been a slight improvement in the price of broadband in South Africa.

This is according to an annual worldwide broadband price comparison by Cable.co.uk.

But despite the latest figures, broadband internet in SA is still costlier than in many other countries.

SA came in at 93 out of 195 countries in terms of affordability, moving up from 102 in 2017.

The average monthly cost of broadband internet access in SA was measured at $55.25 (R790,03).

By comparison, broadband is cheapest in Ukraine, at an average monthly cost of $5.00 (R71.00).

Tech expert Jan Vermeulen says the comparison made use of the rand-dollar exchange rate when it was at R14.16 per USD.

He says the findings only included fixed-line broadband packages such as ADSL or fibre.

Vermeulen explains how the pricing information was calculated for the comparison and how other countries fared.

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Cost of broadband in SA has improved, according to global ranking

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