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What do you do when a complete stranger behaves in the weirdest manner that either annoys you or leaves paralysed with shock?

CapeTalk/702 listeners share some of their weirdest encounters with strangers who did strange things like touching them inappropriately or being awkward.

My absolute pet hate is people flying on an aircraft with hand luggage that exceeds the number and the weight specified.

Mark, caller

I dress up for work at gym and I have a lot of tattoos. So this lady comes to me while I'm in my underwear and wants to feel my tattoos because she says they don't look real. But you can't just come feel it, you don't know me - it's inappropriate.

Keletso, Caller

The weirdest thing that happened to me one day at work while in the elevator, I reached into my bag to get a lip balm and someone else dipped their finger into the tin.

Aisha, caller

To hear more of these bizarre experiences, listen below

This article first appeared on 702 : Listeners share some of the weirdest things strangers do in public spaces

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