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The SPCA says it will lay criminal charges against a Cape Town man who appears to have deliberately killed two goslings in the CBD on Friday.

A family of Egyptian geese were crossing the road at the corner of Spin Street and Adderley Street, when the man drove over them, despite being warned by pedestrians at the traffic lights.

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A video was taken by WCED ministerial spokesperson Jessica Shelver. She also posted a picture with the registration plates of the car he was driving.

Belinda Abrahams, spokesperson for the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, describes the incident as a blatant act of cruelty.

She says the SPCA has already begun tracing the man based on the number plates.

Abrahams believes that that the evidence will help with a successful prosecution.

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She explains that video footage or photographic evidence is always useful when reporting animal cruelty, where possible.

The public can contact the SPCA on 0833261604 (after hours) 0217004158/9 (office hours) to report what they witness.

What a heartless incident and blatant act of cruelty.

Belinda Abrahams, Cape of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson

It shows complete disregard for all forms of life.

Belinda Abrahams, Cape of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson

Jessica has done a great job of documenting the evidence for us. She captured both still and video footage of before, during and after the incident.

Belinda Abrahams, Cape of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson

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