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With water restrictions still in place in Cape Town, what are the plans for the public swimming pools these holidays?

The City of Cape Town says it plans to open 17 of its 35 municipal pools to the public this summer.

Last year, only 13 of the City's municipal pools were made accessible due to the more severe water shortages.

The City's JP Smith says four of the existing municipal pools will be converted into salt water pools, much like the Sea Point swimming pool.

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He says the Muizenberg, Manenberg, Langa, and Emthonjeni swimming pool in Gugulethu will be added to the mix this season.

Smith explains that the pools will provisionally be open from the start of December until 2 February next year.

According to Smith, officials will have to transport water stored from other pools, not in use.

He adds that several water-saving measures will have to be adhered to in light of ongoing restrictions.

Keep in mind that with the water restrictions, we are not allowed to use potable water in maintaining the swimming pools.

JP Smith, MayCo Member for Safety and Security

When we backwash the pools, we'll put that water into a sludge tank to sift out the sediment and reuse the water.

JP Smith, MayCo Member for Safety and Security

We'll look at pool cover where possible on some of the pools.

JP Smith, MayCo Member for Safety and Security

1.5 million people visit our pools during December and January.

JP Smith, MayCo Member for Safety and Security

Click here to view the full list of municipal pools across the city.

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Water restrictions see 17 municipal pools across CT open from December

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