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The man who we can’t wait to see in March next year – Mr Ed Sheeran – stopped playing in the middle of a show in London last week Monday (19 Nov 2018) so that a fan in the crowd could propose to his girlfriend.

The pop star, who’s ‘Happier’ charted at number 37 this past weekend (24 Nov 2018) on the Coca-Cola Top40SA with Carl Wastie, stopped halfway through his performance of a former number 1 from the chart show - ‘Perfect’ – to allow 34-year-old Matthew Reed to propose to Rebecca, his girlfriend of four years.

"She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home," Sheeran sang, before stopping. Then he said: "Two seconds, can everyone just be quiet so this man can ask a question?"

Matthew Reed then rose to rapturous applause from the surrounding fans and confirmed to Ed that he and Rebecca were now engaged!

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