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The City of Cape Town is dropping water restrictions from Level 5 to Level 3 as of Saturday, 1 December.

This means that Capetonians can use 105 litres a day, up from the previous 70 litres a day

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Water tariffs in the Mother City will also be lowered as a result of this move.

Here are 10 significant ways the water restrictions will change water consumption, according to the City website.

  • Overall city water usage target increased from 500 million to 650 million litres per day.
  • Personal water use limit increased from 70 to 105 litres per person per day.
  • Removal of percentage reduction restrictions for commercial, industrial and other non-residential
    water users. All customers must adhere to the Water By-law at all times and are strongly
    encouraged to use water responsibly.
  • Removal of Level 5 restriction measures applicable to residential properties using more than
    10 500 litres per month. All residents are strongly encouraged to use water responsibly.
  • Watering with municipal drinking water using a bucket or watering can is allowed on Tuesdays,
    Thursdays and Saturdays before 09:00 or after 18:00 for a maximum of one hour per day per
  • Topping up or filling of swimming pools with municipal drinking water is allowed subject to 1)
    the pool being covered with a non-permeable solid pool cover when not in use and 2) the
    recovery of backwash water and the use of rainwater for pool topping up where practically
  • Vehicles, trailers, caravans and boats may be washed with municipal drinking water using a
  • Commercial car washes may use municipal drinking water subject to industry best practice water
    conservation norms and the recycling of at least 50% of water used.
  • Spray parks may operate subject to their strict management to minimise water use.

  • Tariffs lowered to Level 3 water and sanitation tariffs.

Read more about the changes here.

Listen to the EWN update on The Pippa Hudson Show:

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