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While on a trip to South Africa, Pharrell Williams posted an Instastory to his 11 million followers asking them what the sound was that he was hearing every morning.

It was, of course, the Hadeda, an ibis found in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Elsewhere a Turkish pilot’s heartwarming gesture to his former teacher will move you to tears.

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When Turkish Airlines pilot Mithat Okhan Onan found out that his former teacher was onboard his flight, he picked up the microphone to relay a message over the PA system.

Also on What's Gone Viral with Khabazela, a Ballon d'Or host Martin Solveig sparks outrage in Paris as he asks the first ever female winner Ada Hegerberg if she can 'twerk', so disrespectful.

Listen below to the full what's gone viral with Khabazela:

This article first appeared on 702 : [WATCH] Pharrell Williams hilariously deals with Hadedas while in SA

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