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They were seated in the same row at the funeral of George H W Bush Senior, but Hillary Clinton was not about to make small talk with US President Donald Trump.

Take a look as the former presidential hopeful coolly stares straight ahead while The Donald greets the Obamas.

Awkward much!

Elsewhere...they may be man's best friend, but now it looks like dogs are also man's best teammate! good

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A soccer game between Argentinian teams Juventud Unida and Defensores de Belgrano almost ended in disaster when the Defensores keeper kicked the ball into the back of an opposing player, however, the ball ricochet of a dog which was by the goals and stopped the ball from hitting the back of the net.

Elsewhere on what's gone viral with Khabazela, patrons jump to the defence of a bartender to protect her from boss' sexual harassment in a revealing social experiment.

Listen below to the full what's gone viral with Khabazela:

This article first appeared on 702 : [WATCH] No chill from Hill(ary)! - Clinton seated next to Trump at Bush funeral

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