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Loyisa Gola visited Kfm Mornings to tell us about life in the UK, his new comedy show in Cape Town and his upcoming special on Netflix.

Loyiso went to the UK two years ago. He had to start from scratch, doing open mic nights at comedy clubs. After working really hard to build a name for himself he's managed to land a Netflix special!

He's just come back from the UK after recording the special which will debut on the 1st of January 2019 for all the Netflix and chill champions.

You can also catch him live at the CTICC for his show "Unlearning" on 22 December. According to his website, the show Unlearning "challenges societal norms, making you question everything you thought you knew about politics, race, history and more. He brings together sharp and philosophical contemplations all delivered with his signature satirical charm and wit".

Take a listen to Loyiso's experience, his journey in a foreign land... and how he almost got into a fight while onstage!

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