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Well-known skincare expert and plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes has shared the story of how he forged his successful career and founded proudly South African Environ SkinCare.

Dr Fernandes, the founder and scientific director at Environ SkinCare, joined CapeTalk's Pippa Hudson and live studio audience for the conversation.

The doctor went from working on Chris Barnard’s heart transplant team to becoming a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

He says he never thought much about skincare products until two young patients in his department developed melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer, and died by age 23.

After some research, he says he started creating facial creams in his kitchen in the 1980s.

He used to offer free creams for his patients, Dr Fernandes explains.

When patients started booking appointments just to get his creams, he knew that he needed to start selling them.

Dr Des also opened up about the benefits of Vitamin A, shared advice on how to rejuvenate the skin and answered questions alongside expert dermatologist Dr Nomphelo Gantsho.

I have the personal belief that testing on animals will never tell you what happens to the skin on a human. It’s why we don’t test on animals.

Dr Des Fernandes, founder at Environ

At first, I wasn't interested in skincare because I thought that creams don't work. I thought anything that you applied to the surface of your skin was unimportant

Dr Des Fernandes, founder at Environ

I never used anything on my skin.

Dr Des Fernandes, founder at Environ

High levels of vitamin A will help to reveal beautiful, healthier skin.

Dr Des Fernandes, founder at Environ

In the beginning, I made the creams in my kitchen but the shelf life was about 1 month.

Dr Des Fernandes, founder at Environ

I found chemist who could work with me.

Dr Des Fernandes, founder at Environ

As one gets more age-advanced, you have to moisturise your skin because your sebaceous glands sink.

Dr Nomphelo Gantsho, Head of Dermatology Treatment and Phototherapy Clinic at Cape Dermatology Clinic

Visit the Environ website to learn more.

Listen to Dr Des Fernandes share his moving story:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [WATCH] “Rockstar” of skincare Dr Des on creating Environ and mastering the glow

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