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As the end of 2018 approaches, many people are suffering from serious burnout.

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion which is a result of excessive and prolonged stress.

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Clinical psychologist Hayden Knibbs explains that the brain begins to disengage from tasks when a person suffers from burnout.

Knibbs says signs of burnout include poor concentration, lack of passion, forgetfulness, resentfulness and a state of disconnect.

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He warns that burnout can lead to detachment from professional work and other personal contexts.

Burnout also leads to poor work performance, Knibbs advises.

Here are some tips he shared on how to combat burnout:

  • have active, planned and regular resting periods
  • engage in stimulating downtime activities to prevent boredom
  • create a balance between relaxation and stimulation
  • find meaning outside of work
  • immerse yourself in your resting environment. e.g. taking walks or photos and breathing exercises

Very often we do see a build up around the end of the year, but it's not exclusive to that period.

Hayden Knibbs, clinical psychologist

Routinely people will become burned out throughout the year if they have pushed their capacity past whatever their limit is.

Hayden Knibbs, clinical psychologist

Burnout is loosely defined as mental and physical exhaustion due to repeated engagement on a particular task, classically related to work.

Hayden Knibbs, clinical psychologist

Over time, this disconnectedness caused by burnout leaves us uninvolved in our work and non-work environments.

Hayden Knibbs, clinical psychologist

Once we are completely burned out, we are half engaged in our tasks at work.

Hayden Knibbs, clinical psychologist

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