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It was a hectic weekend on our roads in the Western Cape after authorities confirmed that 37 people died in road crashes, just over this long weekend.

At this time of year, hospitals are busy, and that means the stock of donated blood is put under pressure.

Tracey Lange touched base with the Western Province Blood Transfusion Services to see how things were going and found out where you can help this festive season.

She spoke to the Corporate Public Relations Officer Michelle Vermeulen to find out more.

If you are worried about donating blood or have any queries, below are a few burning questions to ease your nerves that are answered in the interview.

  • What is the status of your blood reserves after a weekend like we just had, and going into heavy travelling periods in SA?

  • Who can give blood?

  • Is it painful?

  • What do we have to do before we go and give blood?

  • Where do we go to donate blood?

  • Is there a website we can visit to find all those donation points?

**Take a listen to see how you can make a difference!**

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