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United Airlines released a cookbook on Monday - so now you can make your own airline food at home!

No more peanuts and pretzels for you as you can choose from a variety of over 40 recipes from the airline's tops chefs served on their business class flights.

To get your mouth watering, one of the recipes include a fancy dish called "coconut soup with sambal oelek chicken" that's bound to hit the spot. In essence, this is not your average cookbook and it could take your airline themed "come dine with me" guests to experience what only a few people get in the front row.

United Airlines isn't the first airline to release a book of this nature. Darling Southwest Airlines created a budget cookbook in 2006 called "Feel the spirit, savour the Fare" that had over 737 recipes from cover to cover and Delta airlines also released one in 1987 that was put together by the flight attendants named the "First Class Meals".

Kfm Mornings got wind of this cookbook and asked a listener for their opinion about which local and international airlines food should do the same.

Take a listen below

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