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Have you ever heard of the Bird Box challenge? This is where people blindfold themselves while wondering outside, sounds dangerous right? Don't do it, says Netflix.

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Steaming service Netflix has warned fans to refrain from participating in the Bird Box challenge which was inspired by Netflix original horror movie by the same name.

Elsewhere, on What's Gone Viral with Khabazela, famous Chef Tom Kerridge claims that foil should be 'shiny side down' and not the other way around.

In other news that has gone viral, a Mr Delivery guy was caught on camera masturbating... The company has since dismissed the culprit.

The video shows the driver handed the food over to the client and as she walks away exposes himself and masturbates openly.

Listen below to What's Gone Viral with Khabazela:

This article first appeared on 702 : [WATCH] Bird Box Challenge, don't do it, warns Netflix

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