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It’s funny how infectious parental anxiety can be, more especially in the first few weeks of back to school. Creative parenting expert - Nikki Bush explains why the start of a new school year such a big thing, how can parents deal with their own anxiety better and how they can empower their children.

Speaking to Lee Kasumba on the Weekend Breakfast, Nikki said the anxiety of starting a new school comes with the idea of having to start new friends, meeting new teacher and familiarising yourself with the school as well.

The anxiety also happens to adults when they start a new job or if they have a new project. Our children are bound to go through the stress of starting something new. They should be over that after a week or two at school, but some kids might take a bit longer than that.

Nikki Bush - Creative Parenting Expert

A lot of children's anxiety is actually fed by parents' anxiety. Parents today are over worried, fearful and concerned on how the child will cope at school.

Nikki Bush - Creative Parenting Expert

Nikki said, if parents drop their kids at school and they hang around for too long, the chances of the child to meltdown are very high. The advice is to drop the child and make a quick exit.

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This article first appeared on 702 : 'A lot of children's meltdown is fed by parents' anxiety.'

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