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Renowned musician and songwriter Loyiso Bala, has been announced as the director of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) in Africa. Speaking on the Weekend Breakfast Show, Bala described his appointment as spectacular and that he is already full of ideas that will help the channel thrive.

Bala, will be responsible for the scheduling, creation of new programmes and marketing, among others, wants the Christian channel to appeal to black people.

I don't think the quality of TBN changed, I think the channel did not keep up with the times. What happened was that, when you watch other channels and you switch to a christian channel like TBN you would realise that the format hadn't change. There was too much of one thing, we needed variety.

Loyiso Bala - TBN Africa Channel Director

Taking from the vision of TBN, which is to take every gospel home, I believe that the programming that is in there has to reflect the people what watch the channel, it needs to be Afrocentric. Also we need to serve the different demographics that watch the channel

Loyiso Bala - TBN Africa Channel Director

Bala is currently completing the final year of his MBA studies at Henley Business School.

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This article first appeared on 702 : 'I believe that the programming at TBN needs to be Afrocentric'

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