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Air travel etiquette is a key part of ensuring a pleasant travel experience.

Nothing can ruin a flight quicker than a fellow passenger with zero manners, says travel and lifestyle writer Allison Foat.

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Foat says passengers can practice good etiquette even prior to the flight by ensuring that they are prepared and won't hold up the boarding queue.

Advice from Allison Foat:

  • do not bring/eat strong-smelling food on the flight
  • be mindful of how overpowering your perfume/fragrance is
  • only keep what you will need on your person and put rest in the overhead bins to save space
  • use the overhead space allocated to you, not the compartment four rows away
  • travel with a neck pillow to avoid falling asleep on a stranger's shoulder
  • do not talk loudly on board
  • be considerate when using the overhead lights if your neighbour is sleeping
  • check with the person behind you before reclining your seat
  • don't hog the loo when the plane prepares for landing

Advice from listeners:

  • brush your teeth on long haul flights
  • stay seated until you are told to disembark
  • make way for others at the baggage carousel

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Read up on some of Allison Foat's work on her travel and lifestyle blog, Cape Town Diva.

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