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Sarah Robyn Farrell, a writer for Twyg the online publication about all things sustainable and responsible in fashion and lifestyle, chats to 702 Weekend breakfast host Phemelo Motene about how to extend the life of your garments.

Farrell argues that these days, the speedy turnaround time we have with our garments is taxing on the environment.

1. Buying quality garments where you can is, of course, one way to make them last longer, she says.

But there are other ways too.

2. Use cold water when you wash your clothing items.

It's better for maintaining the colour. and it uses less energy to heat up the water.

Sarah Robyn Farrell , Twyg

Cold water also reduces the amount of polyester and microfibres that shed into the waterways.

3. Overwashing garments. Washing clothes less saves water and the garment lasts longer.

4. The tumble dryer puts more wear and tear on garments and they have a shorter life-span. In addition not using a dryer saves electricity.

5. Hang your garment up in the bathroom while showering and the wrinkles will naturally be steamed out, rather than using a steamer or iron. It all saves you time!

6. Repair your clothes

Farrell says there is a tendency in this modern era to throw garments out as soon as they have a little tear or rip.

Repair minor damages wither at home or get a tailor when it is a bit out of your league.

Sarah Robyn Farrell , Twyg

Once garments have really ended there stay with you, there are options to resell, swap, donate or recycle, she says.

But it's about rethinking how we look at our clothes and how we think about them is the way to go really.

Sarah Robyn Farrell , Twyg

Take a listen:

This article first appeared on 702 : 6 tips on how to get more wear out of your garments

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