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The mother of the Sans Souci Girls' High School pupil who was slapped by a teacher on Tuesday says she's opened a case of assault against the educator.

A video has been doing the rounds on social media showing the teacher reprimanding a learner for allegedly using a cell phone in class.

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The woman is seen slapping the learner after the girl pushed a desk against her.

The mother of the learner has told EWN that the teacher in question was also at the local police station at the time of her laying her charges, reports Monique Mortlock.

She says that she's opened a case... She's defended her daughter.

Monique Mortlock, EWN reporter

She told us that they were at the police station to open a case of assault against the educator and says she saw the educator there.

Monique Mortlock, EWN reporter

She says she hope that her child won't be victimised when and if she returns to school.

Monique Mortlock, EWN reporter

Meanwhile, some other pupils at Sans Souci staged a protest during assembly and outside the school gates in support of the teacher on Wednesday.

They even held up a banner saying "It's not about race, the teacher is not racist".

Monique Mortlock, EWN reporter

Learners at the school say apparently it's not the first time that this girl has gotten into trouble with an educator.

Monique Mortlock, EWN reporter

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) says it is up to the school governing body to take action the teacher in the video because it is responsible for her appointment.

The department says the learner could also be facing disciplinary action.

The school and the SGB have not yet spoken to the media.

Listen to the EWN update on The John Maytham Show:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : CT mom opens case of assault against Sans Souci teacher filmed slapping child

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