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Lance says after his daughter and her friend had been out for the evening, they caught the ride-hailing service Taxify home in the Okavango area in the northern suburbs of Cape Town on Wednesday at 3am.

He says on the drive home she realised she did not have money to pay the driver but as they were close to her boyfriend's house and she offered to double his fee once they arrived there.

He stopped the car and he said F-you...out came a knife. He stabbed her in the side and twice in the back. She managed to get out the car and run like hell.

Lance, father

Her friend was not so lucky and could not get out the car. She was stabbed twice in her back and her lung was punctured.

They are both in hospital recovering.

He says he needs to find a way to track the driver. Kieno Kammies assured him CapeTalk will assist in finding the perpetrator.

To get hold of Taxify is very, very difficult.

Lance, father

He says his daughter's friend booked the ride on her phone app.

Her phone is gone, her wallet is gone. He took her to a very isolated place.

Lance, father

ADT and an ambulance luckily were driving past.

I don't want to imagine what could have happened.

Lance, father

The Breakfast Show will follow up on the case.

Take a listen to his story:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [LISTEN] Dad describes how Taxify driver stabbed daughter 3 times

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