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DJ Cosher is on fire at the moment! His single featuring Jimmy Nevis – ‘Think I Might’ – is currently charting at number 23 on the Coca-Cola Top40SA (9 Feb 2019), but it’s not the first single of his to chart, with songs like ‘No Relations’ performing well in the past.

The Cape Town super producer, whose debut full-length album, ‘Certified’ is set for release at the beginning of March, has put his special touch on a familiar song, made most famous by Toploader in 2000 – ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’.

The release of DJ Cosher’s ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ also broke records in terms of when he started on the track and how long it took to get playlisted on Kfm 94.5!


  • On Monday evening (4 Feb 2019), DJ Cosher decided to record a remake of a song he’s always wanted to do

  • On Tuesday morning (5 Feb 2019), he sent the draft to the Coca-Cola Top40SA team for our feedback

  • The chart show team loved it so much they sent the draft to Kfm 94.5’s music compiler

  • She loved it so much she played it for the whole office

  • We told DJ Cosher

  • He then spent the next few hours mastering the track and then submitted the final version for


  • It was accepted immediately

  • Essentially, DJ Cosher created this song and got it playlisted on Kfm 94.5, in less than 24hrs!

On Saturday, 9 February 2019, DJ Cosher dropped by the Coca-Cola Top40SA with Carl Wastie for an EXCLUSIVE interview and play of the single.

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