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While it may be romantic, spooning might not be the most comfortable position to be in, as your arm may become numb and trapped in an uncomfortable position.

Good news is that a US-based company, Coodle, has come up with a special pillow that makes spooning a much more comfy activity for affectionate couples.

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Elsewhere on What's Gone Viral with Khabazela, a video of a boy who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, who doesn't let anything stand in his way has warmed the hearts of many.

Smiles Taylora's incredible desire to lift weights got him to clear a personal best of 200lb deadlift.

Another thing that went viral, a talented busker on South Beach Durban, Mdu, couldn't go unnoticed as he serenades the beachgoers with his golden voice.

Listen to his original song performance below:

This is Mdu

Mdu surprised us yesterday afternoon whilst sittting down to have dinner along the beachfront. We sat down at Surf Riders and he started singing, I couldn't help myself but ask him his name and get some footage of him. I said to him that I would post this video of his original song he wrote about two people and the struggles they have through love but manage to work things out. I then said to him I would take down his number, return to the beach and film him with better microphones and cameras, create a video and help him get his name out there. I don't know much about Mdu yet, but for some reason I feel like I need to see him again, hear his story and capture his soul for all of you to see. #ThisIsMdu #MduAndHisGuitar

Posted by Brad Hunter Media on Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Listen below to What's Gone Viral with Khabazela:

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