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The Robben Island Museum has warned the public about fraudsters scamming people buying Robben Island tour tickets.

This comes after two customers called in to CapeTalk to question why their ID numbers and bank details were needed to buy tickets.

The museum says several people have reported being scammed out of their money for tour packages priced at over over R2000 when in actual fact, tour tickets only cost R360 for adults and R200 for children under 18.

The museum's Morongoa Ramaboa says people should not buy tickets from ticket reselling websites or other platforms at inflated prices.

Robben Island tour tickets can be securely purchased through Webtickets and via Pick 'n Pay outlets.

Ramaboa explains that tickets are also sold directly at their ticket sales booth at the Nelson Mandela Gateway at the V&A Waterfront.

Ramaboa says proof of ID is needed in order to have an accurate passenger manifesto on board the ferry to the island.

We had a number of customers saying they bought tickets through another service provider... Webtickets is our only reseller.

Morongoa Ramaboa, Spokesperson - Robben Island Museum

If anyone asks you to provide your banking details, please leave that website immediately.

Morongoa Ramaboa, Spokesperson - Robben Island Museum

Be vigilant and be careful. People are doing fraudulent activities.

Morongoa Ramaboa, Spokesperson - Robben Island Museum

For more information you can contact The Robben Island Museum on 021 413 4200.

Listen to the brief explanation:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Robben Island warns against ticket scammers inflating tour prices

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