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CAPE TOWN - Western Cape Education MEC Debbie Schäfer says just more than 2,000 pupils across the province still haven't seen the inside of a classroom since the start of the academic year.

In the first week of February, the department had around 5,700 pupils who had not been placed.

Schäfer says due to financial constraints and late enrolments, the department cannot find schools for all pupils.

She says that over the last two years, the department has seen a sharp increase in applications for learner enrolments.

“There are a number of factors for this. It largely relates to the huge number of children coming into the province. In the last year, we had 25,000 additional children compared to the previous year. At the moment we’re on 24,000. That’s 50,000 children almost coming into the schools over the past two years.”

Schäfer says officials are working around the clock to find schools for unplaced pupils.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)

This article first appeared on EWN : Officials working to place more than 2,000 learners in schools, says Schäfer

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