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Many pet owners are worried about their pets as various Armed Forces Day events get into gear across the Mother City.

The week-long festivities include the firing of live ammunition at Sunrise Beach in Muizenberg on Tuesday, aircrafts flying over parts of the city at different hours and a military parade in Tableview on Thursday.

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Armed Forces Day commemorates the sinking of the SS Mendi in the English Channel on February 21, 1917.

However, the loud noises associated with these events could trigger noise phobia for domestic animals.

Veterinarian and pet behaviourist Dr Aileen Pypers says while some animals may be startled by loud noises, others can experience intense fear and anxiety.

Dr Pypers says the fear can range from noise aversion to extreme panic conditions.

She explains that noise phobia can illicit a physical and emotional response and adds that some breeds of dogs are more sound sensitive than others.

Dogs and cats both have extremely sensitive hearing. They're able to hear much higher and lower frequencies than humans.

Dr Aileen Pypers, Veterinarian

When you've got an animal that's already predisposed to [noise phobia] or suffering from the condition, it can worsen... Something like this can impact them long term.

Dr Aileen Pypers, Veterinarian

If you have an animal hears the loud noise, they may have a startle response which may involve trying to flee the area.

Dr Aileen Pypers, Veterinarian

Dr Pypers says guardians must ensure that their pets don't escape the property in fear.

Pet owners should also consider administering calming medication approved by a vet or bought over the counter.

Owners can also try to mask the alarming sounds with music or white noise and create a safe, contained space inside the house.

Locals can expect low flying aircraft and the loud noise of artillery from 3pm-4:30 pm on Monday afternoon, 7:30pm-9:30pm on Monday evening and again from 7:30pm-9:30pm on Tuesday.

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