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Sea Point resident Nicholas Cassisa has recounted the story of how his girlfriend was apparently mistreated by police officers last week.

He says his girlfriend was travelling home via Uber around 01:30 am last Tuesday when the vehicle was pulled over by police at a roadblock.

The police officials apparently went through her handbag and became verbally abusive when she was reluctant to hand over her wallet.

Cassisa's girlfriend says she was taken to the police station to be searched after an officer threatened to handcuff her and put her in the back of police van.

Here a female police officer apparently conducted a strip search in the station's bathroom and found nothing.

She says after police initially refused to take her home, she was given a lift by the very officers who had accosted her.

Cassisa says he spent several days attempting to contact the station commander and eventually spoke with another official who conceded that the search process was not handled correctly.

No one from Saps has apologised following the incident. He says he wants disciplinary action taken and for the police officers held accountable for their conduct.

There was no explanation as to what the search was for or what they were looking for.

Nicholas Cassisa, Sea Point resident

They didn't become physical, but they were intimidating.

Nicholas Cassisa, Sea Point resident

She was on her hands and knees, on the street, unpacking her wallet and her belongings.

Nicholas Cassisa, Sea Point resident

During the ride to the police station, she says she was being accosted verbally by two of the police officers who kept on antagonising her.

Nicholas Cassisa, Sea Point resident

She was told to drop her dress. She had to take offer her bra and hand it to the police officer... She was allowed to keep her bottoms on.

Nicholas Cassisa, Sea Point resident

Subsequent to the ordeal, Nicholas shared the story on the Sea Point Community Facebook group and says many other residents have relayed similar stories.

Listen to Cassisa recount the story on The John Maytham Show:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Sea Point cops accused of misconduct during late night roadblock search

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