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The National Sea Rescue Institute is in need of CPR "dummies" or dolls to carry out water safety for children and adults.

Each doll costs just under R5000, meaning it needs to raise R200 000.

NSRI CEO Dr Cleeve Robertson says the dummies play an essential part in teaching small children how to perform CPR correctly.

Where these children had to perform CPR in real life experiences and performed well, he says.

In order to do the training we need the tool and that tool is a CPR manikin used to teach them chest compression.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, CEO - NSRI

We are appealing for CPR dolls across the country.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, CEO - NSRI

The NSRI train more than 300 000 children a year on how to perform CPR and the manikins form an essential part of the training.

To make a donation contact the NSRI on 0214344011 or go to the NSRI website.

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : NSRI needs donations for CPR dolls to keep teaching children water safety

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