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The rules regulating cellphone data will change at the start of March.

Communications regulator Icasa has forced all South African cellular network providers to change their practices associated with data expiration and out-of-bundle data billing.

  • Network providers will have to allow cellphone users the option of rolling over unused data before the expiry date.

  • Users will also be allowed to transfer unused data to other individuals on the same network operator, explains tech expert Jan Vermeulen.

  • Under the new rules, cellphone providers have to notify cellphone users at various stages of their data balance, sending 50%, 80% and 100% data depletion notices.

  • The rules further state that operators have to explicitly ask users to opt in to out-of-bundle rates when data bundles have been depleted.

  • Vermeulen explains that the data rules will be implemented differently across the various networks.

There are some conditions and each network operator has their own unique way of implementing data roll-overs. It also depends on the bundles that you bought.

Jan Vermeulen, Senior journalist - MyBroadband.co.za

When you are in danger of your roll-over window coming to an end, then you can transfer the data to someone else on the same network.

Jan Vermeulen, Senior journalist - MyBroadband.co.za

Your operator has to give you an option to opt into out-of-bundle data rates.

Jan Vermeulen, Senior journalist - MyBroadband.co.za

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 5 things to know about the new rules on data expiry that kick in from March

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