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VUKA UKHANYE: Arise and Shine! - the official Cape Town Carnival 2019 theme - is a call to action for South Africans to shake off limiting beliefs and be all they can be. This is according to Cape Town Carnival CEO, Jay Douwes.

Douwes says finishing touches are being added to a variety of colourful floats that will be used at the Cape Town Carnival taking place on the 16th of March at the Green Point Fan Walk.

The 2018 Cape Town Carnival theme was AMAZA! ~ Ocean Odyssey. Fish, octopus, penguins, ships and submarines were on site as part of raising awareness about the ocean and sea life.

The Kfm Mornings team with Darren, Sherlin and Sibs will once again have their own Kfm float at the Cape Town Carnival 2019.

This morning, the trio reflected on their small float, comparing it to the other spectacular floats.

It is not so much about being on the biggest float, but it's about the experience about being part of the carnival, rather wait and see.


Take a listen to how it went down earlier this morning

Check out some highlights from last year below

Thanks to the generosity of their sponsors, access to the Cape Town Carnival is completely FREE, GRATIS, MAHALA.

Seated and Hospitality ticket sales are now open click here

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