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Craft gins are all the rage and one is spoilt for choice these days when trying to decide which flavour to choose.

Well now there's a new, and very different gin on the market, thanks to husband and wife team Les and Paula Ansley. It's called Ndlovu Gin.

Indlovu is isiZulu for Elephant and the gin is made from the dung of the large African animal.

Les Ansley chats to CapeTalk's Lester Kiewit about the new tipple.

Les describes how after Paula had an opportunity to visit Kenya

While she was sipping G&Ts, watching herds of elephant, at the waterhole, she listened to the guide explain how elephants are very particular in their browsing habits and yet how little of the plant material they digest, only about 30%.

Les Ansley, Co-founder - Ndlovu Gin

Upon her return, she had a brainwave...

I got an elbow one morning and she said 'wake up, wake up I've got an idea. Do you think it would be possible to make elephant dung gin?' And so we did. And that's really how Ndlovu was born.

Les Ansley, Co-founder - Ndlovu Gin

He insists this is not just a novelty, but has, in fact, a very particular flavour.

There is a definite flavour from the dung. It gives it a very earthy, citrusy flavour. Because the elephants have such a wonderful, varied diet. They eat the fruits and the barks

Les Ansley, Co-founder - Ndlovu Gin

The elephant dung collected this round was from Botlierskop Game Reserve where the elephants forage on acacia, buchu, and many other indigenous plants.

All this is mixed in and infused into the gin and gives it a wonderful flavour.

Les Ansley, Co-founder - Ndlovu Gin

They donate 15% of profits to the Africa Foundation towards its work in wildlife conservation.

We see this lovely virtuous circle where the elephants are contributing to funding conservation projects that impact the welfare of elephants.

Les Ansley, Co-founder - Ndlovu Gin

It is available at Yuppiechef online and at various game lodges and wine estates.

Take a listen:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : SA has a new gin...and it's made of elephant poop

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