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Smart water meter devices have been installed in 1672 schools across towns and cities in South Africa, helping save millions of litres of water every month.

The #SmartWaterMeterChallenge has been a collaboration between Prof Thinus Booysen and Stellenbosch University, CapeTalk, Shoprite Group, Bridgiot, and the Western Cape Education Department.

About 98 corporates also came on board and contributed to making this project a success.

Philip Burhmann, the School Operations Manager at Bridgiot, talks to Kieno Kammies about how many schools in the Western Cape will continue with the Smart Water Meter Challenge launched in 2017.

Burhmann explains that there has been a push for schools to monitor water usage themselves.

At first, we would do most of the monitoring, and then advise them when their were potential issues,

Philip Burhmann, School operations manager - Bridgiot

But now the push is to have schools assign someone to monitor the usage online and implement any necessary behavioural changes.

It involves education which is a positive skill set to be teaching pupils, he says.

It's been a challenge communicating directly with the school.

Philip Burhmann, School operations manager - Bridgiot

He says they are having to reach higher up the ladder in order to communicate with the schools.

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Smart Water Meter Challenge: Push for schools to monitor water usage themselves.

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