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Good to know with Wendy Knowler is a monthly consumer podcast series that gives subscribers insights into the most common mistakes made by consumers in South Africa. If you are in the market for a car, planning your wedding or wondering how to change your travel plans – this series will have something for you. Subscribe so that you don't miss out on the series, here.

If you've ever been on the receiving end of a direct marketing phone call with a smooth-talking telesales consultant armed with a carefully crafted script and insatiable hunger for a commission – you've probably been put under pressure to agree to a contract that went big on the benefits and flossed over the financial obligations.

In this episode, Wendy Knowler talks us through the pitfalls of agreeing to a contract made through unsolicited calls and, how you can get out of it.

Here's what you need to know about handling telesales contracts:

1. You can ask for the recording of the call

You have a right to access the recording in which you've agreed to a product or service. Ideally, the company should email it to you.

If I agree to this, will you provide me with the recording of this call for my records? If they say no – say why not? If they say yes – the recording will stand as proof that you've agreed to this.

Wendy Knowler

2. You can get out of the contract

The Consumer Protection Act gives consumers five business days to cancel an agreement made through an unsolicited phone call and, no – you won't need a reason. However, it must be done in writing.

To opt out of unsolicited calls, you can stop (most of) them by registering your name and number on the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa.

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