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What do you get when one of the biggest acts in EDM in South Africa team up with one of the biggest Afrikaans popstars for an English song?

No need to do the maths, as we have the answer!

Pascal & Pearce, who were at Huawei KDay on 2 March 2019, have teamed up with another act who was there to perform: Die Kaptein, Kurt Darren.

The new track is called ‘Oh My Soul’ and this banger made its debut on the Coca-Cola Top40SA with Carl
Wastie this past weekend (9 Mar 2019) at no.38.


It’s not the first time Kurt has teamed up with an EDM act though… a number of years ago, he also featured on a track by another Huawei KDay 2019 act – The Kiffness. The track was called ‘Supernova’.

And just in case you missed them at Huawei KDay, here’s what you missed:

Die Kaptein

Pascal & Pearce

###The Kiffness

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