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Approximately 20% of South Africans suffer from some kind of psychiatric illness according to the South African Federation of Mental Health (SAFMH).

However, only a quarter of South Africans suffering from a mental illness or disorder will receive some form of care due to the continuing stigma associated with the illness and barriers to health care.

The Counselling Hub, in Woodstock, provides affordable counselling services for individuals and families who need basic mental health care services.

Kentse Radebe, executive director at the SACAP Foundation says the hub charges only one-on-one counselling and offers clients up to six sessions.

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We also host group workshops on various topics like grief, trauma, stress, anxiety - for free.

Kentse Radebe, Executive director - SACAP Foundation

The hub operates as an NPO making use of the services of volunteer professionals to increase access for people needing counselling services in central Cape Town.

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Affordable counselling services for people suffering from mental illness

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