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Residents and visitors in Knysna have been cautioned over high levels of E. coli in the town's estuary.

SanParks has warned that the water on the side of the Ashmead Channel next to Cathy Park, Loerie Park and towards Costa Sarda is not safe.

This means no fishing, collecting bait or swimming is allowed in that vicinity until the problem has been resolved.

Knysna Park manager Megan Taplin advises that, despite the warning, there are certain areas that are still safe.

She explains that the contamination emanates from the Knysna municipality's Wastewater Treatment Works since February.

There's been a problem a the Wastewater Treatment Works in Knysna run by the Knysna municipality.

Megan Taplin, Knysna Park manager - SanParks

Taplin says SanParks is working with the Knysna municipality and the Garden Route District municipality to monitor the situation and address the contamination.

She reveals that regular water sampling is being done to check the E.coli levels in the water and adds that municipal officials are implementing other measures to find the source of the pollution.

Listen to the update from the SanParks official:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Knysna estuary contaminated, warns SanParks

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